Nature and the forest make everything that is unimportant fade into the background.

Nature and our connection to it have always played a main role where the Gfell stands today. It is omnipresent not only in the surroundings and on the plate, but also in the wellness area. A retreat that offers total relaxation between trees. Our sauna with a mountain garden, which is open daily from 3 to 7 p.m., invites you to relax your tired muscles after a day in the mountains and return to yourself. In the panorama sauna with a direct view of the forest, wonderful herbal and scented infusions enhance your experience. You will never want to leave.

Enjoy our wellness oasis on balmy summer evenings.

The wellness area offers the same view as the rooms. The lawn offers the ideal place to sunbathe on warm days while breathing in the scents of nature.

Box seats with a view of the forest

Enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the forest through large glass windows from our cosy, wood lined nooks in the relaxation room. Let your gaze wander undisturbed and simply soak in the natural landscape, from the different shades of green of the trees in summer to the snow-covered treetops in winter. Shapes from the natural surroundings are mirrored in various floral patterns in the rooms, reflecting its tradition of nature.

Nature in a cup - in our tea bar in the barn lounge.

In the afternoon, the large breakfast room in the authentic barn is transformed into a cosy tea bar with a view of the valley. Sit by the spectacular fireplace, soak in the relaxing atmosphere and let your mind wander over a cup of (natural) tea.

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